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By: Cory Texter


NMC: 2013 AMA Pro Singles Champ. Has a pretty good ring to it. At what point in your career did you actually think this was an achievable goal?

WM18M: Well when I started racing the Pro Singles class I always wanted to get on the podium and would just go race by race. It was not until my second year of doing the whole series when I thought top five would be awesome and thought it would be realistic. This year was my third year doing the whole series and I thought I had a good shot to win the tittle. I’ve always wanted it, but I tried to set realistic goals and try and make them happen.


NMC: You dealt with some injuries this season through-out the year. Tell us a little bit about that and how you stayed confident that you could still win the championship.

WM18M: I broke my Fibula during qualifying at the Peoria TT. I continued the day due to the fact that I thought it was just a bad sprain or a little tear in the muscle. The next day, my sister made me go to the doctor and I found out it was broke. When I found out it was broke, not riding/riding went through my head. I sat there and discussed it with my doctor and he said I would be fine to ride as long as I take it easy when I am off the bike. Being able to still ride and the fact that the pain would fade away when the light went green is what helped make me believe we could still win. I wasn’t going to just call it quits when I felt fine on the bike. If the pain would have stayed or if I had no motion in the leg, I would have had no confidence. I guess in a way I became more determined and didn’t want anything or any excuses to keep me from getting this title.


NMC: Talk about the pressure heading into the season finale in Pomona. In the main event, were you doing the math in your head as you kept championship rival Ryan Wells in your sight or were you just out there trying to win the race?

WW18M: The Pressure at Pomona was not bad, until the main. The whole day was going good. I felt great on and off the bike with a few struggles here and there but we were going forward all day with times and comfort on the bike. Going into the main I was very confident and felt like we could win it. It was not until I had a bad start that I started to worry about points. As the race went on, I found myself right behind Ryan and of course I wanted to pass him and move up a step on the podium. Later in that main when Kyle (Johnson) passed me and I fell back to fourth is when I started to really worry. I finished fourth in the main and I thought we won by a point or two but I didn’t know for sure until I came around and Kevin in Tech told me we are number 1.


NMC: Brad Baker won the Expert Championship and he is also from Washington. Do you guys ever get to ride together or hang out on your off weekends?

WW18M: Brad Baker lives all the way on the west side of the state and I live on the East. Sometimes I will go to the other side of the state or he will come over here and we get to race each other. I think it is awesome having two number 1 guys out of Washington. We have fast guys on both sides of the state pushing us along as well as us pushing them. I am ready for this winter and hopefully he will make the trip over here and hit the ice with me, and I can go hit the indoors over there with him and others.


NMC: What are your plans for next season? Are you going to make the move to the expert ranks or are you going to try and defend your title?

WW18M: As of right now we are unsure what is going on. I would love to move up to the expert class but I would want to get on a good running twin. Something that can both go down the straight smoothly, and run strong. It is looking like the Pro Singles class has to run twins next year  and that makes the choice much tougher, but I am really leaning towards having black numbers on what ever I through a leg over in 2014.

Photo by: AMA Pro Racing/Dave Hoenig

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