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Santa Rosa is only 3 days away. We got in touch with some of the top riders in our sport and asked them what they think Circle Bell Motorsports means to AMA Pro Flat Track and what fans can expect when they show up to Santa Rosa on Sunday! Here is what they had to say.


Ryan Wells #94B
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“Circle Bell Motorsports means a great deal to the AMA Pro Flattrack series. When you come to one of their events you can expect nothing short of first class. I know from a racers point of view, there is nothing better than rolling up too the starting line and seeing the amazing crowd that Circle Bell has gathered.”

Jared Mees #1
Expert Twins

“Circle Bell Sports has been a great promoter for AMA Grand National Flat Track. They seem to go out of their way to help the riders and make it a great show. Along with the IMDA, they care alot about us riders. To come back to some of the historic tracks that I have watched my heros at is something that highlights my career. Thanks alot Circle Bell for all you do for the sport of Dirt Track.”

Wyatt Maguire #18M
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“In my Opinion, Bellino and Circle Bell is one of the best things to happen to AMA Pro Flat Track racing for a while . Bellino and Circle Bell know how to promote and always brings out a great crowd. As a fan you can expect many other die hard dirt track fans along with many new ones to our sport. It will be a great show and you will enjoy going to a Bellino race.”

Shayna Texter #25A
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“Circle Bell Motorsports in my eyes is one of the best things to come on board with AMA Pro Flat Track in recent years. The fans get to see and be apart of our racing more & more each race whether they are in attendance or at home watching on the live streaming. Circle Bell Motorsports is not only working effortlessly every day to improve the program for the fans, but also for the riders. When a fan comes to a Circle Bell Motorsports event you can expect to see not only some of the best racing in the nation, but also some of the largest crowds we see all year screaming at the top of their lungs to see more racing action.”

Brandon Robinson #44
Expert Twins

“I have to hand it to Circle Bell Motorsports for going above and beyond to put on the best flat track racing events in the world. These guys set the bar for promoting events in our great sport and engineering new ways to enhance the excitement. When you go to a race promoted by Circle Bell Motorsports you know your going to get your moneys worth!”

Nichole Cheza #15
Expert Twins

“Circle Bell Motorsports is a huge part of AMA Grand National Flat Track racing. Without them we would not be on th west coast putting on one of the best shows in motorcycle racing. Come on out to Santa Rosa see some awesome bar to bar action at 130 mph.”

Brad Baker #12
Expert Twins

“Whenever you show up at a event promoted by Circle Bell Motosports you can always expect for it to be a class act. They go the extra mile in advertisement to fill the stands to share the exciting racing of AMA Pro Flat Track.”

Briar Bauman #14
Expert Twins

“Circle Bell Motorsports is really the only reason grand national racing is still alive on the west coast. The stands are always filled and the racing is always great. You won’t be disappointed making the trip to a race promoted by the Bellino family.”

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