Chet Burks and Chet Burks productions has been working with AMA Pro Racing on the TV package for the 2013 season for months now. In what’s truly been a battle for the future of the sport, the fight continues. For the latest on how close we are to having racing on TV or not having racing on TV, NMC called Chet Burks for an update.

NMC: I know everyone has been asking you the same question but as of March 1st, 2013, where do we stand on the TV Package for 2013?

Chet: We’re real close, I think we’ve put 125 proposals out there and we are 75% there. Most people don’t realize what goes into a TV deal like this but I can tell you that people are working around the clock; doing everything they can to give American Road Racing fans the ability to watch this sport on TV. I know it’s taken longer than we expected but that’s not by choice. It’s easy to arm chair quarterback this thing and say they should have done this or they should have done that, but arm chair quarterbacks aren’t the ones who are working every day to try and make this deal happen, they’re just complaining that it hasn’t happened yet. It’s really coming down to 3 companies that are crucial to making this work. As long as we get them on board, motorcycle racing has the opportunity to be better this year than it was the year before. Having motorcycle racing on TV not only keeps the sport alive but the teams, athletes, companies and history of road racing in the US alive for this year and years to come.

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