When Starling's bikes weren't blowing up, he was making podium at LL. PC: Tapp

The soon-to-be pro Justin Starling has been wrapping up the east coast amateur competition in the last year, racing Mini O’s 2010, Millcreek, and Loretta Lynns 2011. Now living and training on the west coast, Starling is preparing for the 2012 West Coast Lites Supercross season. Starling has the speed and skill to do well, but while struggling to find a new ride and training intensely to compete with the top guys in the world, it may be a challenge. We believe Justin is going to do awesome in Lites class with the right help! We followed Justin at Lorettas 2011, but we decided to give him a call to see what he has been up to, revisit the past, and figure out his plans for the upcoming 2012 year.







Interview: Ethan Tapp

NMC: Justin Whats going on and where are you.?
JS:Im out here in Camarillo, CA and just started riding supercross yesterday and getting ready for the upcoming SX season!


NMC: This past year marked your last year as an amateur. Reflect back on it. How do you feel about it and
what are some stand out moments?
JS: Last year this was the last year for me as an amateur. A Standout would have to be at Mini O’s and won 3 titles and killed it. I like that track and I really like supercross and its just fun week altogether. I enjoy it…The things I would change are Loretta Lynns 2011 by not blowing up 3 bikes. Also, braking my collarbone back right after mini O’s.


NMC:What other races did you attend?
JS: I raced Millcreek in Alabama and I did that coming right off my Collarbone injury with only about one week of riding. Millcreek and World Mini GP in NV. Millcreek I only got an 8th 5th and 6th overall.


NMC:Do you compete in or follow any other sports?

JS: Just strictly Motocross I don’t really do anything else. Sometimes I wakeboard for like an hour, just for fun.


NMC:What do you feel are your strong points on the track during a moto?
JS: I feel like I can fight my way to the front early in the motos and make passes happen early. And also at the end of motos, it seems like that’s when everyone gets tired and I still have the energy to keep pushing..


PC: Tapp

NMC: A few of your amateur competitors chose to jump in for the last few Nationals, some having deals and some not.. do you feel sitting out affected you by waiting for supercross?
JS: I think it was a good idea to maybe do the last one and maybe I should’ve but I feel like it was better to sit it out and go into Supercross fully prepared. I don’t feel like it hurt me in anyway waiting for supercross.


NMC: Do you feel that you’re more deserving of a ride after seeing most of them having lackluster performances?

JS: Yeah, I guess. I mean I think it’s better to sit out and get ready for supercross instead of showing up at your pro-debut and finishing bad. I know I can compete with the monster energy guys, I just wasn’t prepared. So..i’m not too bummed.


Loretta 2011 PC:Tapp


NMC: What are some big races you plan on attending in the future we can keep an out for you at?
JS: I’m trying to get into the Monster Energy cup in October. And If I could do that it would be good for me just being able to go out and say win in front of 30,000 people. But yeah other than that.. At the moment I’m getting prepared for the West Coast series. Unless I get a ride. Eastcoast races are so spread out its not very practical as opposed the west coast where they are all like an hour away!

NMC: Do you have a favorite pro that you look up to or inspired you growing up?
JS: Ricky Carmichael and James Stewart just because of the heart they put into the sport and they did whatever it took to win the races they entered..


NMC: What Got you started racing Moto?
JS: My dad used to race and  I always wanted to ride and when I was 4 he got me a bike and ever since it’s been just all about moto.




NMC: Most Embarrasing thing that’s happened during a race?
JS: Whatre you talking about? Ive never done anything embarrassing!


NMC:Had any Unusual request from a fan/fans?
JS:Haha not yet! I guess we will have to wait and see at Anahiem


NMC: What is your day-to-day training schedule like?
JS: We usually just hit the gym early in the morning and then do our motos right away. And usually we get done riding aroud noon or so we have the rest of the day to do everything else!!

A tough mud race at LL 2011 PC: Barnett

NMC:2011 Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National. What classes did you race and how did you week go overall?

JS: Well I think I showed people that I definitely was a guy to beat. I blew up 3 motors and in all the motos My bike broke I was up front and even catching the leader at one point then with 2 laps left the motor went out. But I pushed threw and never gave up and As bad as it was It wasn’t that bad! A best worst-case scenario.


NMC: Thanks for your time… is there anyone in particular you want to thank or give a shout out to?
JS: Definitely my family. My parents have been working really hard to get me to all the races we can and my Sisters been a big help getting me to races as well. So thanks to them and of course Ethan Tapp Photography for making me look good!


Lorettas 2011 PC: Barnett

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