Adam Cianciarulo: The fastest supermini racer in the world.  His 2012 plans.

Adam Cianciarulo
Age: 15
DOB: October 20th, 1996
Hometown: Port Orange, FL

Last weekend I met up with Adam Cianciarulo, who was getting some track time and the TWMX Muscle Milk Race Series at Milestone MX in Riverside, CA.  Cianciarulo is hands down the fastest supermini rider in the world.  But not only was Adam riding his supermini, he was practicing on his new 125 which he’s had for about 2 weeks.  What is Adam’s plan for this year?  This is what he said.

So you on a supermini and 125 today?
Yeah, today I’m riding a supermini and a 125.  It’s just excited to race.  I haven’t raced since Mini O’s.  Just doing this race to get off the gate before Oak Hill and all the amateur nationals start back up.  It’s been going good.

What’s your plan for 2012?
The plan is to hang out in California until Oak Hill, which is in the beginning of March.  We’re in the latter stages of training for those races.  Then we’ll drive from here to Oak Hill and race that, and then go from Oak Hill to the Alabama National.  And then go from Alabama to home.

Where’s home?
Home is in Port Orange, Florida, but home at the moment, my temporary home, is in the Pro Circuit Parking lot in my motorhome.

Will we see you racing a 125 this year?
The supermini is what we’re riding right now in the nationals.  I’ll probably race superminis through Loretta’s, and then get on big bikes full time after Loretta’s.  Just gotta wait until I hit that 120lb mark, and then we’ll be ready to go on the big bikes.

Last Time we talked was at the Monster Energy Cup.  We we’re looking at that big 96′ booter in the back.  The original plan was only to jump it if you had to.  But on the 3rd lap of practice you came over the single before it and pinned it and launched 96′.  It was awesome!
Actually after we had talked they had put that single in front of it.  Even though it slows you down, it gives you a better gauge to hit it.  Really, you just hit it wide open after you go over the single, compared to the long straight away you had before.  Really the only reason I didn’t plan on jumping it was because that single wasn’t there, and just how much speed you’d be carrying into the steep face.  But they put that single in, and I knew right away that everyone was going to be hitting it.  It was a cool jump for sure, it was really fun.  It was like the 50 days, when you just pinned it and pretty much sailed and hoped for the best.

That’s all for now.  We’ll catch up with Adam again soon as the 2012 season begins.

Cianciarulo at Monster Energy Cup

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