Having several women’s and men’s class victories under her belt, Florida’s Brinsley Dyess is one of the fastest upcoming women’s MX riders in the country. Dyess comes from a long line Motocross riders, behind her  dad and older brother, Dean Dyess II and Dean Dyess III, and has been riding for most of her life. While living and training in Okeechobee, FL, she has been dominating the Florida local scene and winning some of the biggest Amateur MX Nationals in the country. After attending the first Florida Gold Cup race, we decided to catch up with the Women’s class winner and one of the fastest girls in Florida, Brinsley Dyess.

Photo Credit: Natalie Simmons





Name: Brinsley Dyess
Number: 95
Birthday: May 11, 1995
Hometown: Port St. Lucie
Current Bike: Suzuki
First Bike: JR 50
Favorite Track: I don’t have one

Interview by: Andrea Barnett



NMC: So, lets start off by telling me about what you are doing now with training, racing, or anything else you may be up to?
I try to make it to the gym three times a week. In between times I enjoy mountain biking. For right now, I’m just doing local races and getting ready for the Mini O’s.

NMC:What is your day-to-day training schedule like and who do you work with the most as far as a mentor/trainer?
I train/practice at Thundercross three to four times a week with my brother Dean Dyess III.

NMC: You raced the first Florida Gold Cup, how did that go? Do you plan on racing the remaining rounds?
First moto of the women’s class I got a bad start and was in dead last. I gave it all I had and ended up winning the moto. Second moto I got a good start and stayed out front the whole moto. Yes I plan on attending the remaining rounds.

NMC: Any other races you plan on attending this year or even next?
Mini o’s, Winter Ams, South Florida Series, Daytona Amateur Supercross, Mill Creek, Oak Hill, World Mini Gran prix, Loretta’s

Florida Gold Cup PC: Barnett

NMC: So you made it to Loretta Lynn’s this year in the Women’s class. Tell me about that and how it went.
Not so good, I fractured my wrist in practice. I decided to race anyway and ended up 24th overall.

NMC: Any previous big nationals or wins in the past that stand out from the rest?
1st in the women’s class at the World Mini Gran Prix in NV

NMC: The women’s class, especially at local races, can prove to be not so challenging for a girl who is above average speed. How do you keep up your speed and aggressiveness for big races?
BD:I race a few guys classes at the local events. Plus if someone is in front of me during a practice session I try to chase them down.

Florida Gold Cup PC: Barnett


NMC:When did you start racing MX? What got you into racing MX?
BD:I starting riding at around 4 years old. I am a third generation of motocross racing.

NMC: Any plans for the WMA or any other professional women’s motocross series?
BD: Not as of right now but it is my future goal

NMC: Anything else you’re really into? Sports, dancing, stamp collecting?
BD: I eat, sleep, and breathe motocross

NMC: Do you enjoy racing with the guys or the girls more?
BD: It’s fun beating a few of the boys but I like racing with the girls better.

NMC: Feel like you have any strong points during a race?
BD: Not necessarily, I just try to stay focused and consistent with each moto.

NMC:How do you like the bikes you’re on now? They look sick, you should totally let me ride it one day. =]
BD: I love the Suzuki’s and I will totally let you ride it whenever.



NMC: Anyone you want to give a shout to or special thanks??
BD: Mom, Dad & Brother & Andrea Ilene Barnett for doing this for me!

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