Five Mins With Blake Baggett by Monster Energy

Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Blake Baggett had easily the best year of his young career in 2011, winning the most AMA Nationals in the 250 class as well as the Daytona Supercross, and representing Team USA at the Motocross of Nations as well. We caught up with him as he is preparing for 2012 at the Kawasaki Test Track in Corona, California.

Monster Energy: Obviously, you had a pretty successful year in 2011, especially with Outdoors.

Blake Baggett: It was definitely successful. I learned a lot, especially in Supercross. I made a few mistakes that I learned from. I’m just trying to look back on everything that I didn’t do exactly perfect and just try to perfect everything that I did and hopefully come away with an even better season this year, hopefully with some more wins. I’d like to get a championship by the end of this upcoming year. It’d be nice to get one in Supercross and in Outdoors since I missed both titles last year, but that’s a lot to expect. I’m just going to do my best and keep testing right now.

You and Dean Wilson both have East under your belt. It would be both your third seasons in Supercross, right? So, if you win a title I think the rule is you have to move up…

Blake Baggett: Yeah…

Monster Energy: So how are you guys going to sort out who gets to do West? How does that work? Do you even know?

Blake Baggett: I have no clue. I haven’t even thought that far ahead.

Monster Energy: Do you care which coast you do?

Blake Baggett: I’d like to do West just because I don’t like the flying. The travel is kind of not that much fun. But I’d like to do East again, too, because I know what to expect, and there’s Daytona, which is definitely the coolest race I’ve ever been to, just because the track changes every lap. It’s not like a normal Supercross track; it changes tremendously. There are a few other ones; like Houston and Atlanta are, like, the tackiest dirt you’ve ever seen. It’s a toss up. It is what it is. Whoever is ready at that time, I’m sure that’s who Mitch [Payton] will pick, but as of right now there is no talk; there’s no nothing. It’s a typical, normal Pro Circuit thing. Everybody is signed up and ready for West, then at the last minute two people will go East and two will go West. So, we’ll see.

Monster Energy: Does that concern you at all knowing that if you win a title you’ve got to move up? Or do you feel like you’d be ready for it if that came?

Blake Baggett: I think, from what I understand, the rule is that no matter what we’re out.

Monster Energy: I don’t know. It could be. There’s a points numbering thing, but I do know if you win a title you’re out.

Blake Baggett: I don’t know. AMA should just change it and make it an age-group thing…

Monster Energy: That’s not a bad idea.

Blake Baggett: Like 22, maybe. But we’ll deal with that when it comes.

Monster Energy: Have you ridden a 450 much at all?

 Blake Baggett: Yeah, it’s been since like ’09. And that was only one race, Mammoth.

Monster Energy: Did you win?

Blake Baggett: I went 17-1. First moto I yard-saled it. She got away from me. She had a little more power than I expected [laughs].

Monster Energy: So, you’re in good spirits and stuff. Do you feel good? All healthy and everything good?

Blake Baggett: Yeah, I feel good.

Monster Energy: Did you take any time off after the season?

Blake Baggett: I had eye surgery and then I took four days off after that.

Monster Energy: Lasik?

Blake Baggett: Yeah. I took like four days off and I’ve been riding three days a week, four days a week now ever since.

Monster Energy: So, how much better are your eyes?

Blake Baggett: A lot better.

Monster Energy: Did you have to wear contacts before?

Blake Baggett: Yeah. So, no more blurry eyes while I’m out there.

Monster Energy: That’s good. One less thing, right?

Blake Baggett: Yeah. Hopefully we solved that problem.

Monster Energy: That’s like a performance-enhancing surgery. It should be illegal…

Blake Baggett: Could be…

Monster Energy: Like imagine if you could have a surgery and it would make you never get arm pump ever. Like, they have arm pump surgery; it kind of half and half works. But stuff like that.

Blake Baggett: Or a non-tired surgery. That would be cool.

Monster Energy: Yeah, a surgery that would just make you not ever get tired!

Blake Baggett: Just have no heart rate, you just run off solar power or something [laughs].

Monster Energy: It just circulates constantly with no actual beats. That’d be good.

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