When it came to the Pro class, there was really no contest.  Ryan Villopoto hole shotted the first two motos, and started 2nd in the final moto.  By the end of lap 1 of each main Vilopotto had pulled his lead to about 2 seconds.  The lead would extend to 5 plus by the 2nd lap, and he would never look back, nor would anyone make a run.  He would finish the mains with leads of 12, 5.8, and 6.4 seconds respectively.  It was an awesome display of his domination.  The night ended with Villopoto on the podium holding a case of cash containing $1,000,000, yep One Million Dollars in cash!

In the Super Mini Class, Adam Cianciarulo dominated.  In moto 1, it was all Cianciarulo.  He holed shotted the moto, and checked out.  Cooper Webb finished in 2nd place 7.3 seconds behind.  In the moto 2, Cianciarulo was quickly out front again, but Webb kept him honest for most of the race.  When the checkered flag waived, Cooper was 1.9 seconds back.  Adam is clearly the man to beat in the the Super Mini class.  He flew through the long sand rollers with a grace that no one else could match, and his rhythm timings were spot on.

In moto 1 of the AM All Stars race it looked like all three classes would be a story of domination by a single rider.  Zach Bell pulled away from the rest, and  finished 6.4 seconds ahead of 2nd place rider Cole Thompson.  In moto 2 things changed.  Zach Bell got caught up in a mess on the first lap, and despite logging the best lap time of the moto at 1:31.242, 1.3 seconds faster that Justin Hill’s 1:32.515, there was no making up the ground lost.  Hill put in a solid ride and won moto 2, which when combined with his 4th place finish in moto 1 would earn him the overall.

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