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NMC: Congrats! One year since you joined Next Moto Champion as the Flat Track Associate Editor. Did you have any idea what Next Moto Champion was prior to joining the team?
CT: Thank you. Yeah, of course. Next Moto Champion has been steadily growing in the road race scene prior to me joining up with the team. I always really enjoyed reading the print magazine and listening to the talk show. I was actually featured on the talk show before I started as Associate Editor as well. It was a lot fun. I really admire all the hard work Jon Boucher, Danielle Teal and everyone else puts into the company.
NMC: Tell us a little bit about how you got involved in NMC?
CT: Well basically, I saw an article in one of the magazines about Flat Track. I reached out to Boucher and we agreed to do a trial run sort of. I did the Flat Track Power Rankings last year, which turned out to be pretty far off. I picked Jake Johnson to win the points last year and he had an off year. I picked Brandon Robinson at 10th and he actually finished 3rd. But anyway, I did that article and I guess Boucher liked it enough to bring me on full board and here I am today.
NMC: What are your duties at NMC today?
CT: I co-host the Tuesday night Flat Track show. That is really fun and we continue to grow in numbers every week. It’s fun working alongside Scottie Deubler. He turned into a good friend of mine and we have a good time doing the show. I am also the Associate Editor of the magazine. I write a few stories every month for the print/online publication. I also help out with random things. Whatever Boucher doesn’t feel like doing.. (Laughs), No I am just kidding. I do some of the social media stuff. We need to grow some in that area and we will in the near future. Anything Flat Track related with the magazine, I usually have my hand in it.
NMC: What is your favorite story you have written for NMC?
CT: Hmm.. That is a tough one. Just like racing, you have your bad days and good days as a writer. I think my best written story is the one I wrote for PJ Jacobsen: Opens The Doors. I read that after it got printed and I had to pat myself on the back (Laughs). I really enjoyed that story and also the story with Tyler Scott. Those are the two that I am most proud of. I enjoy writing every story I do though so that was a hard question.
NMC: Who has been your favorite guest on the NMC Talk Show thus far?
CT: There have been a bunch. I enjoy talking to people I am close with like Briar Bauman and Johnny Lewis. However, it was pretty awesome talking to Bubba Shobert, Jay Springsteen, Bryan Bigelow, Scott Parker and guys like that. They were my heroes growing up so to have them on our talk show is pretty sweet.
NMC: How do you juggle your job at NMC, life as a college student and also racing the whole professional Flat Track circuit?
CT: Well.. I just maximize my time. You have 24 hours in a day and I just make sure I stay busy all day. My motto is “Working hard everyday so I never have to work”. I am almost done school, so that is good, but otherwise I train once or twice a day for racing. Racing is something I have wanted since I was a little kid. It was my first dream and one that I almost gave up on. I am really putting a lot into my racing program this year and the team at NMC is behind me 100% there and they give me a lot of support. The cool thing about what I do at NMC is that I can work really early in the morning or REALLY late at night (Laughs). Whatever it takes to get the job done and make sure I hit my deadlines. Hitting your deadlines at a job like this is crucial.
NMC: What does the future look like with yourself and NMC?
CT: Oh man… who knows. Great things, that’s for sure. We have already done so much as a team in a year since I have been here. We have a team of all-stars at Next Moto Champion. When we all put our heads down and dig into something, it’s almost impossible for us to fail. The cool thing is that when we do fail, we look at it as part of the process and get right back into the next project and improving ourselves for next time. I see myself as a member of the team for a long time.

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