June 7th will be the first in what will hopefully be many more mini bike races at Perris Raceway on the oval and the new TT course.


Remember, it’s 150cc and under. We’ll decide what class you’re in on Saturday. Got a couple of 125 framers that might show up. You figure it out from there!
Been running Industry? Pirate Speedway? Both great places to run. Let’s make this another one on the gotta be there calendar!
Rudy Gil will be at the track on Friday afternoon for the earlybird overnighters.
Hey Bill (you know who you are) Hodakas come in 90, 100 and 125, right?
Helmets are required on a moving motorcycle, running or not. PLEASE keep your pit speeds to a minimum. If we can’t keep pit speeds down, we’ll all be walking our bikes to and from the track.
Kids should also have helmets on bicycles and scooters.
Round Five results can be seen at SCFTA and VFT . Thanks to everyone that made it out. Hope to see all of you at the mini bike races. Y’all are lucky. Jay Springsteen calls my Rotax a minibike. You wanna argue with him?
For more information and direction to the track see http://www.southerncaliforniaflattrack.com/ or call 951-443-7622socalflattrack@aol.com .

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