These riders are the only riders who made every main event last season and their average finish is posted next to their name.

Brad Baker – 4.3

Bryan Smith – 5.9

Henry Wiles – 7.1

Jake Johnson – 9


Part-Time FT Racer JD Beach Average Finish: 4.4


Out of 12 races that were completed, here are the amount of times each rider was on the podium.

Brad Baker – 7

Bryan Smith – 7

Brandon Robinson – 6

Jared Mees – 4

Henry Wiles – 3


Part-Time FT Racer JD Beach (7 races) – 3


Here is another quick fact for you. Beach found himself on the podium 3 more times than Kenny Coolbeth/Jake Johnson combined in 2013. That’s right, Coolbeth and Johnson didn’t land on the box one time during the 2013 season. Who could of predicted that? Coolbeth is a 3x Champion and Johnson a 2x Champion and both will go down as a couple of the greatest in our sport. We can bet money, they won’t be vacant to the box in 2014.



JD Beach missed 6 rounds on the schedule this year in AMA Pro Flat Track. Almost half of the races, and he still finished 8th in overall points. We thought this feat was pretty cool and did some research.

His average finish of 4.4 equals about 15 points per round not including Dash for Cash points or Most Laps Led points. 15×5 races= 75 points. 1 point for Santa Rosa Main Event=76 Points.

Add 76 points to his total of 112 points= 188 points. This would put him 3rd in overall points.

If he won every Dash for Cash, he would have gained 30 more points. Winning every dash is not realistic. Let’s give him half of those points. 15 points added. That would be like him getting 3rd at five Dash’s and not making one. Very realistic. 15 points added to 188 points= 203 points.

203 points would of placed him 2nd in points, behind fellow Washington Racer, Brad Baker.


Not bad for a part time Flat Track racer. JD also finished 4th in overall points for AMA Daytona SportBike.


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