From the first time she saw a couple riders stunting in a parking lot 16 year old Anam Hashim was hooked. Where there’s a will there’s a way and even though she only had a scooter, it didn’t stop her from testing her stunt skills. Today, Anam is still the youngest known female stunt rider to successfully perform a “CHRIST” (standing on the seat with your hands out) move on a scooter. After seeing her drive and determination, other stunters allowed Anam to use their bikes while coaching her along the way.

Now this 11th grader rides her own CBF and practices stunting every chance she gets with her fellow mates. She’s been featured in Sportbikes, Inc Magazine and will soon be performing at Dirt and Drag racing events in India. Anam told NMC “I do stunts not to prove to the boys that girls in India can also stunt, I just love doing stunts, I enjoy it more than anything in my life. Practicing is like breathing to me, I am attached to stunting now and I feel the fuel running through my veins.”

Next Moto Champion would like to congratulate Anam for following her passion. She’s always made it a point to stunt in safe areas such as abandoned parking lots, this keeps her safe and out of harms way. Good luck Anam and I usually say keep the rubber side down but in this case, keep the rubber side UP! nmc

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