In the month of May I have ran five different tracks. Three of the races were the Steve Nace all-star races which I am currently the points leader in the 250-am and the open-am.

My first race was in Henry, Illinois on May 4. The track was a cushion half mile with really tight corners and narrow straight aways. In my 201 to 250 heat the track was smooth but a little slick and I wasn’t hooking up so I ended up 2nd. In the 250 open class I ended up 5th my first time on a 450 so it as a little sketchy. In the 201 to 250 main I wasn’t getting any traction and the track was really rough so it was almost throwing me off but I managed to stay on and finish with a good solid 2nd place. In the 250 open main it was just horrible, the 450 was getting head shakes and jumping everywhere but I pushed through and stayed on for a 6th place finish but not bad for a first time 450 ride.

My next race was May 10th a I-96 speedway. The track was a banked 3/8 packed track. The bike was handling well, I didn’t have to change anything on the bike. In the 250 heat I finished 1st by a little. In the main I got a great start and pulled away by a straight away and winning the main event.

Then I raced on May 17th at Bucyrus, Ohio. The track was a half mile cushion. It was really wide and smooth. In the 250 heat I raced my honda and it really wasn’t working well. I ended up second in the heat race. In the open singles I rode my Yamaha and got 4th in the heat but it felt pretty good. We did a few adjustments before the mains to get the bike ready. In the 250 main I decided to change over to the Yamaha because it felt better. I had to start on the 3rd row the 14th bike. I got a great start on the outside and got to 3 coming out of 2 and pulling to 1st going into turn 1 and the lead the rest of the races pulling off an amazing win. In the the open single class a ended up 6th place but the 250 just can’t hang with them 450s on a half mile.

The Peoria, Illinois short track on May 23rd. I rode the open single and the 250 class. The track was high banked and grooved. In the 250 heat I was getting great traction and pulled off a win by a straight away. In the open single heat I battled for 1st the whole race and finally passed the guy on the last lap getting a first place in the heat. Before the mains the sun was down and they watered so it was really greasy. So in the 250 main I was really struggling with traction so I got 2nd place but a really strong 2nd. In the open single I was not getting traction so I just couldn’t hang with the 450s that we’re getting traction so I got a 5th pace finish.

Lastly on May 24 In Springfield, Illinois I raced the tt. It wasn’t a really good night. In practice a was going into the right hander on the first lap of the tt and crashed. It was a sharp pain up my arm but I waited it out and tried to ride my 1st heat. I went over the jump and just couldn’t do it. So I pulled off and went to the hospital and lucky me I broke my wrist so I’m down for three weeks but will be back for nationals.

Thank you for all your support

Kevin Stollings #99

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