Zach Herrin was recently approached by Leatt to help them do a little research and development on their newest product. While Leatt has already perfected their product in several different disciplines such as BMX, MTB, ATV, enduro, snowmobiling, MX, kart, and even a street riding model,  Zach’s role is taking the street design and making it work in the road racing scene. The owner of Leatt created his company after the loss of a fellow rider prompted him to develop the first neck brace prototypes. When Zach spoke with them about being their r&d for road racing, he said “of course I’d do anything to help the series out. I would never turn down an opportunity like that!”

NMC: Is this particular model similar to the others?

“Its similar to the MX design but they designed it to fit around your hump. Leatt has always done well on design. They are really well built out of carbon fiber; very professional. It’s made more for road racing. You can wear it with a normal jacket but its designed mainly for leathers.”

NMC: And where are you at right now with the development of it?

“Right now, its pretty good. We just have a tad bit of work left to take it the next level. It’s definitely up to race capability. We  just want to make it even better. I think at this point it would hold up fine! You see motocross guys getting thrown all over the ground and nothing happens. So I think their product for road racing would be as good.”

NMC: What specifically do you see needs to be worked on?

“Right now, there are some issues with the shape. Just thinking about places like Daytona and getting air caught in it. Or tracks like Road Atlanta and VIR;  places with blind areas and spots where you are having to look way up and ahead. But that’s what I’m here for to help them develop these things.”

NMC: Why is the proper development of a product like the Leatt brace important to you?

“The way the sport is going, I don’t want anymore incidents or deaths. I would be ecstatic to help get the Leatt brace to it’s full potential and race ready, and  know that I helped develop the future of safety.  Neck injuries aren’t as common in our sport,  but just think if we can get everyone to wear one and  know that neck injuries might never be an issue in our sport.”

Along with road racing, Zach also enjoys motocross and kart racing which Leatt has provided him with their quality braces for as well. 

NMC will follow up with Zach as he furthers his help in the development of Leatt’s  newest performance product.

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