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June 19, 2017

The “PPIHC/Matchsports” Partnership Grows Steadily as the Event Counts Down to go LIVE. 

Just three months after it was announced that the Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC) will be broadcasting this year’s event live to the world for the first time in 95 years through a 10-year agreement with Matchsports, crews are now on the mountain building the infrastructure, laying cable and placing cameras to bring to life this vision of a live stream for competitors and fans alike.
Supported by the experienced hand of the PPIHC management team and cooperation of the entire stakeholder community, Matchsports is implementing their custom “end-to-end” solution to overcome many of the inherent terrestrial challenges presented by  America’s Mountain.
Matchsports’ CEO James Kalogiros says, “During our planning and preparation process the entire PPIHC organization has proven to be an outstanding partner. Their effortless support in helping us navigate through the challenges of the mountain has been a testament to their commitment to making this live stream a success.”
Never before has a production company achieved a successful High Definition Live Action broadcast of the PPIHC, from the Start Line up to the 14,115-foot summit. Extreme efficiencies are required through the entire production ecosystem, from a robust network for efficient connectivity, to quality built world-class production and greater audience accessibility.
Covering this one-of-a-kind event is so unique that the production infrastructure had to be custom designed with layers of technologies & efficiencies; hence no real comparable Matchsports production exists to date.
Veteran action sports anchor and travel adventure TV host Ramona Bruland will be accompanied by former racer and PPIHC  board member Frederick Veitch to commentate the live stream to viewers, follow race day events and track each competitor’s ascent up the mountain.
Also assisting with the commentary, regular updates and interviews from both the start and finish lines will be the overall motorcycle course record holder, Carlin Dunne, and former racer and journalist Don Canet, both Race Smart coaches with the Squadra Alpina Moto Coach Program.
Viewers can expect to see footage of each car on course from the 22 cameras placed along the track, as well as exciting helicopter footage (weather permitting.) Viewers will also get to see a course overview, POV footage from Carlin Dunne’s safety run, driver and rider interviews, leader board and weather updates, segments with special guests and a look back into race history, plus hear driver bios, timing updates from all three stages, average speeds and overall standings throughout the day.
Viewers can tune in to to watch the broadcast LIVE on Sunday, June 25th, starting at 7:30am (race delays may occur.) There will be a simple email sign-in process required to access the free to net broadcast, which will continue until the race program has been completed and cameras follow the Parade of Champions down America’s Mountain.
If fans miss watching the event live, there will be a second viewing available at a later date.

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