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Next Moto Champion has tomorrow’s World Champions, today! Join us weekly as we interview the fast and fearless stars of amateur and professional motorcycle racing.

Wednesday night is Talking Motorcycles with Barry Boone.

Thursday night is the original NMC Road Race Show hosted by Jon Boucher,  and Danielle Teal

2/11/2015- Talking Motorcycles with Mike Kidd

2/06/2015 – NMC Talks Roadracing Talk Show in studio with JD Beach and Josh Herrin 

2/4/2015 – Talking Motorcycles with Roadrace Factorys Danny Walker

12/17/2014 – Talking Motorcycles with Mees, Matthew Miles, Vanderkooi and Carver

12/10/2014 – Talking Motorcycles with Bonneville Performance Grand National Team

12/03/2014 – Talking Motorcycles with Hart Racing: Breaking News!

11/19/2014 – Talking Motorcycles with British Supersport Racer James Rispoli

11/12/2014 – Talking Motorcycles with Seven Time MC Landspeed Record Holder Valerie Thompson

11/5/2014 – Talking Motorcycles with Dave McGrath former Sr Director of Competition for AMA Pro

10/29/2014 – Talking Motorcycles with On Any Sunday The Next Chapter’s Dana Brown

10/22/2014 – Talking Motorcycles with Moto America’s Chuck Aksland

10/15/2014 – Talking Motorcycles with Mert Lawwill Hall of Famer

10/8/2014 – Talking Motorcycles with Jared Mees and Bryan Smith- Grand National Show

10/1/2014 – Talking Motorcycles with Buzz Kanter and Norm Nelson- Cannonball Run Wrap Up

9/24/2014 – Talking Motorcycles with Josh Hayes, Patricia Fernandez and Cristy Lee

9/10/2014 – Talking Motorcycles with SOZO, New Jersey Motorsports Park and Motorcycle Cannonball

9/3/2014 – Talking Motorcycles with the Motorcycle Cannonball

8/27/2014 – Talking Motorcycles with the Producers of Why We Ride

8/20/2014 – Talking Motorcycles with Corinna Mantlo and Colonial Downs GNC

8/21/2014 – Next Moto Champion Talks Roadracing with Patricia Fernandez and Kenny Riedmann

8/13/2014 – Talking Motorcycles with Kevin Clark and Matthew Miles MotoGP/Flat Track

8/07/2014 – Next Moto Champion Talks Roadracing with EDR, Danny Walker and Kyle Wyman/strong>

8/05/2014 – Talking Motorcycles with Larry Little of AIM Expo USA

7/29/2014 – Talking Motorcycles with Matthew Miles, Motorsports Editor for Cycle World

7/24/2014 – Next Moto Champion Talks Roadracing with Dustin Dominguez and Jake Lewis

7/23/2014 – Talking Motorcycles with Roadrace Factory’s Danny Walker/American Supercamp

7/9/2014 – Talking Motorcycles with Sarah Lahalih- Triumph Brand Manager/Racer/Designer

7/02/2014 – Talking Motorcycles with Kaleb DeKeyrel, Dustin Dominguez and Hayden Gillim

7/01/2014 – Flat Track Weekly Radio w/ Hunter Edwards and Ron Hamp

6/26/2014 – NMC Talks Roadracing with Kaleb DeKeyrel, Bobby Fong and Chris Clark

6/25/2014 – Talking Motorcycles goes Girls Gone Wild

6/24/2014 – Flat Track Weekly Radio w/ Zakk Palmer and Nick Cummings

6/18/2014 – Talking Motorcycles with Barber Motorsports Park and Barber Vintage Museum

6/17/2014 – Flat Track Weekly Radio w/ Kyle Johnson & Kenny Coolbeth Jr.

6/12/2014 – NMC Talks Roadracing with Jason Aguilar and David Anthony

6/11/2014 – Talking Motorcycles with Scott Russell, Larry Pegram and Josh Chisum

6/04/2014 – Talking Motorcycles Daredevil Night with Bubba Blackwell and Tyler Shepard

6/03/2014 – NMC Flat Track Show X-Games Special w/ Paul James & Jared Mees

5/29/2014 – NMC Talks Roadracing with Nick Hansen, Brad Rutherford and James Rispoli

5/28/2014 – Talking Motorcycles joins forces with 2 Wheels Only Show Riding into History

5/27/2014 – NMC Flat Track Show with Vanderkooi, Johnson and a Springfield recap

5/22/2014 – 2014 Cannon Ball Run Tribute Show on Talking Motorcycles with Don Emde and Tom Seymour

5/20/2014 – NMC Flat Track Show with Duma and Addison

5/15/2014 – NMC Talks Roadracing with Johnny Lewis, Garrett Gerloff and Cameron Beaubier

5/14/2014 – Talking Motorcycles with Dave Dispain, Barber Museum and Riding Into History

5/13/2014 – NMC Flat Track Show with Schwarzenbacher and Crow

5/10/2014 – Talking Motorcycles LIVE from Hilton Daytona with Kyle Petty and guest lineup Donnie Allison, Harry Gant, Lt. Col. Allen West

5/06/2014 – NMC Flat Track Show with Danny Walker

4/30/2014 – Talking Motorcycles with Bert Sumner and Johnny Lewis

4/29/2014 – NMC Flat Track Show with Chris Van Andel and Johnny Lewis

4/23/2014 – Talking Motorcycles with Tyler O’hara and Shelina Moreda

4/22/2014 – NMC Flat Track Show with Jeffrey Carver Jr and Brad Baker

4/17/2014 – NMC Talks Roadracing with Kyle Wyman and Erik Buell

4/16/2014 – Talking Motorcycles with David Lloyd of Lloyd Brothers Motorsports

4/15/2014 – NMC Flat Track Show with Nichole Mees and Rodney Spencer Jr

4/10/2014 – NMC Talks Roadracing with Tyler O’hara and Josh Herrin

4/09/2014 – Talking Motorcycles with Christy Kendall Cotrell of

4/03/2014 – NMC Talks Roadracing with Blake Young and Ben Young

4/02/2014 – Talking Motorcycles with Kyle Wyman and Dan Ingram

4/01/2014 – NMC Flat Track Show with Doug Lawrence, Jeff Weil and Charlie Roberts

3/27/2014 – NMC Talks Roadracing with hosts, Dan Kruger and Brian Gibson

3/26/2014 – Talking Motorcycles with Danny Eslick, Ricky Orlando and John Ashmead

3/25/2014 – NMC Flat Track Show with Brandon Wilhelm, Chad Cose and Steve Nace

3/20/2014 – Daytona Edition of NMC Talk Show with special guest Nicky Hayden

3/19/2014 – Talking Motorcycles with Roger Hayden and Kenny Coolbeth

3/18/2014 – NMC Flat Track Show with Ryan Wells and Briar Bauman

3/12/2014 – Talking Motorcycles with Josh Hayes, JD Beach, Kyle Wyman, Brandon Robinson and Brad Baker

3/05/2014 – Talking Motorcycles with Dennis Gage of My Classic Car

3/04/2014 – NMC Flat Track Show with Mikey Rush and Davis Fisher

2/27/2014 – NMC Talks Roadracing with Benny Solis and Moto Media XXX

2/27/2014 – NMC Talks Roadracing with Reese Wacker and Corey Alexander

2/26/2014 – Talking Motorcycles with Barry Boone guest Kyle Petty and Craig Vetter

2/25/2014 – NMC Flat Track Show with Jared Mees and Sammy Halbert

2/20/2014 – NMC Talks Roadracing with Nick Ienatsch and Miles Thornton

2/19/2014 – Talking Motorcycles with Dennis Gage of My Classic Car 

2/18/2014 – NMC Flat Track Show with Bryan Bigelow and Brandon Robinson

2/13/2014 – NMC Talks Roadracing with Rob Geiger, Dustin Dominguez and Danny Eslick

2/12/2014 – Talking Motorcycles with Beau Braswell, Henry Wiles, Dan Ingram and Chris Carr

2/11/2014 – NMC Flat Track Show with Nicalee Sowders and Kevin Atherton

2/05/2014 – Talking Motorcycles with George Latus/Factory Triumph and Shayna Texter

 2/04/2014 – NMC Flat Track Show with Shaun Russell and Bubba Shobert

1/30/2014 – NMC Talks Roadracing goes LIVE to Video with Micky Grana and Cameron Gish 

1/29/2014 – Talking Motorcycles with Dave Despain, Harley Davidson Motor Corp and Nichole Mees

 1/28/2014 – NMC Flat Track Show with Bubba Blackwell and JR Schnabel


href=”″ target=”_blank”>1/23/2014 – NMC Talks Roadracing goes LIVE to Video with Kaleb De Keyrel and Danny Kelsey 

1/22/2014 – Talking Motorcycles with Scott Russell and Neale Bayly 

 1/21/2014 – NMC Flat Track Show with Johnny Murphree and Dave Zanotti

1/16/2014 – NMC Talks Roadracing goes LIVE to Video with Tucker Lancaster, Meen Motorsports and Dane Westby 

 1/14/2014 – NMC Flat Track Show, Dave Waters and Mia Moore

1/09/2014 – NMC Talks Roadracing goes LIVE to Video with Patricia Fernandez and Chuck Giacchetto 

01/08/2014 – Talking Motorcycles with Bill Gately, Steve Morehead and Tommra Kiesow

 1/07/2014 – NMC Flat Track Show, Merle Scherb, Larry Pegram and Ryan Kerr

1/02/2014 – NMC Talks Roadracing goes LIVE to Video with the 2014 NMC Magazine Columnists 

12/17/2013 – Talking Motorcycles with Nicky Hayden and Beau Braswell 

12/12/2013 – NMC Talks Roadracing with Andy DiBrino, Eric Dorn and Chris Fillmore 

12/11/2013 – NMC Flat Track Show, Jay Springsteen and Kenny Tolbert

12/05/2013 – NMC Talks Roadracing with Jimmy Merck, Brandon Cretu and James Rispoli 

12/03/2013 – NMC Flat Track Show Talks Flat Track One-on-One with Barry Boone and Dan Johnsen

11/26/2013 – NMC Flat Track Show, Davey Durelle and Miriam Deitcher/Flat Track Live

11/21/2013 – NMC Talks Roadracing with Tim Calhoun of LeoVince USA, Jason Pridmore and Jake Gagne 

11/19/2013 – NMC Flat Track Show, Joe Kopp and Brent Armbruster

11/14/2013 – NMC Talks Roadracing with Conner Blevins, Huntley Nash and Ameen Sajjadi 

11/12/2013 – NMC Flat Track Show, Jarod Vanderkooi, Cody Johncox and Kenny Coolbeth Jr.

11/07/2013 – NMC Talks Roadracing with Tucker Lancaster, Eric Dorn and Joey Pascarella

11/05/2013 – NMC Flat Track Show, Evan Baer, Tyler Scott and Jimmy Wood

10/30/2013 – NMC Flat Track Show, Don Miller, Rob Mclendon and Briar Bauman

10/24/2013 – NMC Talks Roadracing with Josh Herrin and Scott Russell

10/22/2013 – Speedcitypodcast with Jonathan Green with Eugene Laverty

10/19/2013 – Speedcitypodcast with Jonathan Green with Sylvain Guintoli and Sam Lowes

09/16/2013 – Speedcitypodcast with Jonathan Green and Bryce Miller

10/08/2013 – NMC Flat Track Show, Bryan Smith and Brad Baker

10/03/2013 – NMC Talks Roadracing with Cory West and Steve Rapp

10/17/2013 – Speedcitypodcast with Jonathan Green with Tom Sykes

10/01/2013 – NMC Flat Track Show, Johnny Lewis & Ryan Wells

09/24/2013 – NMC Flat Track Show, Molly Terry, Kelly Bell and Bob Bellino

09/19/2013 – NMC Talks Roadracing with Hayden Gillim, Jake Lewis, Corey Alexander and Cameron Beaubier

09/16/2013 – Speedcitypodcast with Jonathan Green and Bryce Miller

09/15/2013 – Speedcitypodcast 63 with Jonathan Green Racing Preview with Edgar Farrera

09/14/2013 – Speedcitypodcast with Jonathan Green ESPN Austin 09/14/2013 Live from K1 Speed

09/12/2013 – NMC Talks Roadracing with Josh Herrin, Josh Hayes and Dan Kruger

09/07/2013 – Speedcitypodcast with Jonathan Green ESPN Austin 09/07/2013

09/05/2013 – Speedcitypodcast 62 with Jonathan Green and ALMS Testing at COTA

09/05/2013 – NMC Talks Roadracing with Terry Vance, Travis Wyman and Candice Lorraine

08/31/2013 – Speedcitypodcast with Jonathan Green and ESPN Austin ALMS-WEC

08/30/2013 – Speedcitypodcast 61 with Jonathan Green and Ryan Briscoe

08/24/2013 – Speedcitypodcast with Jonathan Green ESPN Austin

08/19/2013 – NMC Flat Track Show, Tom Seymour, Brandon Robinson and Nichole Cheza

08/17/2013 – Speedcitypodcast with Jonathan Green with Ben Spies

08/15/2013 – NMC Talks Roadracing with Garrett Gerloff, James Rispoli and Blake Young

08/14/2013 – Speedcitypodcast with Jonathan Green with Dave Dispain

08/13/2013 – NMC Flat Track Show, Bronson Bauman, Stevie Bonsey and Mike Hacker

08/08/2013 – NMC Talks Roadracing with Chad Lewin, Wyatt Farris and Tomas Puerta

08/06/2013 – NMC Flat Track Show, Jake Johnson, Chris Carr and Jared Mees

08/01/2013 – NMC Talks Roadracing with Danny Walker, JD Beach and Jake Zemke

07/31/2013 – Speedcitypodcast with Jonathan Green with Chaz Davies and Dakota Mamola

07/30/2013 – NMC Flat Track Show, Shayna Texter, Scott Parker and Bryan Smith

07/25/2013 – Chuck Graves, Joe Roberts and Cameron Beaubier

07/24/2013 – Speedcitypodcast with Jonathan Green with a WSBK mid season review

07/23/2013 – NMC Flat Track Show, Robert Pearson, Dan Bellino and Jason Isennock

07/17/2013 – Speedcitypodcast with Jonathan Green, Jeff Ray at Barber Motorsports Museum

07/16/2013 – NMC Flat Track Show, Danny Bromley, John Light and Brad Baker

06/27/2013 – NMC Flat Track Show, Jeffery Lowery and Kenny Coolbeth

06/27/2013 – Aerostar Global Harley Davidson, Jake Holden and Roger Hayden

06/20/2013 – Nick McFadden, Tyler Linders and Martin Cardenas

06/13/2013 – Mariah Longo, Jake Gagne and Josh Hayes

06/06/2013 – Steve Rapp, Jake Lewis and Corey Alexander

05/23/2013 – Johnny Lewis, Jeffrey Carver and Briar Bauman

05/16/2013 – Jake Baumert, Brad Baker and Reese Wacker

05/02/2013 – Jason Pridmore, Jake Zemke, Ben Young and guest host Dianna Dahlgren

04/18/2013 – Brandon Robinson, Skip Salenius and Chet Burks

04/11/2013 – Jake Johnson, Design Star 3 and Blake Wharton

04/04/2013 – Sebastiao Ferreira, CJ Weaver, Mikey Rush and Chris Carr

03/14/13 – Tony Miller, Tim Calhoun, Wil Hahn and Cameron Beaubier

03/07/13 – Nick Ienatsch, Tyler Bowers and Kevin Windham

02/28/13 – motoXvest, Bobby Fong and Colin Edwards

02/21/13 – James Rispoli, Larry Pegram and Jeremy McGrath

02/07/13 – Joey Pascarella, Taylor Knapp and Justin Brayton

01/31/13 – Rob Geiger, Cory Texter and Justin Barcia

01/24/13 – Dustin Dominguez, Breaking News and Eli Tomac

01/17/13 – Nadr Riad, JR Addison and Dianna Dahlgren

01/10/13 – Willie McCoy, Chris Fillmore and Davi Millsaps

01/03/13 – Tyler Bowers, Danny Eslick and Ricky Carmichael

12/20/12 – Bruce Buffer, Optrix Inc and Tyler Villopoto

12/13/12 – Travis Ohge, Matt Rice and Matt Bisceglia

12/06/12 – Shea Fouchek, PJ Jacobsen and Bobby Fong

11/29/12 – Ty Howard, Ameen Sajjadi, Colter Dimick

11/15/12 – Lenny Albin, JD Beach, Greg White

11/08/12 – Killen, Pridmore, and Lewis

11/01/12 – Ochs, Cretu, and Nicky Hayden

10/25/12 – Morris, Espinosa, and Herrin

10/11/12 – Gillim, Ohara, and Barnes

10/04/12 – Roger Hayden, Daytona Anderson

09/27/12 – Ronnie Saner, Jake Gagne and Dano Legere

09/20/12 – Cameron Gray, Taylor Knapp and Tommy Aquino

09/13/12 – Shane Narbonne, Rob Brown and Ben Bostrom

08/30/12 – Dennis Espinosa, Geoff May and Pete Cline

08/23/12 – with Aaron Yates, Tyler Ohara and Steve Rapp

08/17/12 – Live from Indy

08/09/12 – Melissa Paris Hayes, Jake Holden and Josh Hayes

08/02/12 – Mr. Daytona Scott Russell, Garrett Willis and Jake Zemke

07/19/12 – Bobby Fong, Johanna Koch and Robert Ward

07/13/12 – Live from Mid Ohio Cameron Beabuier, Tommy Hayden, Dane Westby, Gillim, Beach, Gagne, Puerta

06/29/12 – Danny Walker and Kris Turner

06/22/12 – Live from Barber Lewis, Rispoli, Dominguez, Mesa, Pascarella, Nash, Linders, Matter

06/08/12 – Josh Herrin, Benny Solis, Brian Stokes and Roger Hayden

05/31/12 – Kyle Wyman, Tyler “the Law” Linders

05/24/12 – Colin Edwards, Jason DiSalvo and Breeann Poland

05/17/12 – Tommy Hayden, Cameron Beaubier and Cameron Gish

05/10/12 – James Rispoli, Dustin Dominguez & team owner Tim Hunt

05/03/12 – Kevin Schwantz and Blake Young on the NMC Talk Show!

04/26/12 – PJ Jacobsen and Garrett Gerloff on the NMC Talk Show

04/19/12 – Next Moto Champion with Joey Pascarella & Jake Lewis

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